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Conifers and Native Plants

Perhaps you will ask "What's a conifer?" In very general, non-botanical terms, those are the plants that hold their leaves (needles) all year long. "Evergreens". At Aldrich Berry Farm & Nursery, Inc conifers and other native plants take up about a third of our efforts.

Conifers seedlings
Conifer seedlings from
Aldrich Berry Farm

Such things (the ordinary) Douglas fir, Noble fir, Western Red Cedar, Western Hemlock , Mountain Hemlock, Shore Pine are, at once, 'native' and 'conifers'. But we also produce seedlings and transplants for Christmas tree production as well as for ornamentals and a short list of native plant shrubs.


Normally, using seedlings/transplants is the most economical way to get a plantation established. Or, perhaps you are wanting to establish a property-line with a row of trees in which case you might be willing to use a balled-in-burlap or a containerized plant; more cost but plants are bigger and less risky to establish than seedlings. Or for your yard or driveway a few nice larger landscape-size trees up to 10' - 14' from our limited selection.

Conifer seedling
Roots are "half" the plant.

Establishing a plantation for timber or Christmas trees is not particularly difficult. Having your ground ready to receive plants is important; soil with adequate (but not excessive) supply of moisture, good tilth, freedom from weeds, and adequate plant food is important to have before you plant. Some of these conditions can be remedied after planting but with more difficulty than having them taken care of prior to planting. Species which we normally offer for plantations include Douglas fir, Noble fir, Western Red Cedar, Nordman fir, Turkish fir, Engleman Spruce, Colorado Spruce, and Arizona Corkbark fir. Contact us at

For production of decorative boughs we regularly offer transplants of California Incense Cedar and Western Red Cedar.


For landscape purposes, we usually have available the "plantation" and the "bough" species plus several other species. This includes a plentiful number of very nice Bosnian pines and Nordman firs. Plus some small numbers of Mountain Hemlock, Shore pine, and Japanese Golden Larch.

Much of the landscape conifers are 8' - 12', and very nice for 'instant landscaping'.


Are you looking for plants to restore a native area? We offer a limited selection of native shrubs to go with the native trees we offer. In addition to the trees listed under Christmas trees we do offer some landscape size materials. Additionally, we offer some vine maple, Alaska Yellow Cedar, Western Red cedar, and Douglas fir. Plus a limited number of 'under-story' plants. Give us a call; if we don't have what you are looking for we might be able to refer to you to a nursery that can help you. Contact us at

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