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Christmas Trees

Cluster of blueberries

NEW THIS YEAR! The Aldrich Berry Farm CHRISTMAS BARN. It will be our first effort at a retail offering specific to the Christmas holiday season. We will be open on weekends 28 Nov 20 thru 20 Dec 20 with limited hours. We plan to offer a wide variety of Cut Real Trees (some 'Charley Browns' a well as #1's, all appropriately priced) and Living Christmas trees PLUS Wisten's beautiful wreaths and limited other holiday decorations. Check our email for up-to-date details.

If you are in the market for a "larger" cut tree, we will have a number of 8' - 14' trees to cut, or otherwise already cut for you. If you wish, make an appointment ASAP to identify your tree, make a deposit, and set up a time to get your tree. Individually priced. We will get it cut & ready for you. Fresh, & direct from the grower!

After this season our plan is to discontinue wholesales of Christmas trees. Our son, Chris, Google him at www.NATIVES NORTHWEST CHRISTMAS has over 100 acres of top quality trees in production, primarily Noble fir, Nordman fir, Douglas fir, and Grand fir.


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