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Blueberry Plants

Available all year long.
But the best planting season is October - April.

Cluster of blueberries
Blueberries are nice
in your landscape

You can get some really nice blueberry plants at our farm - or supplied by our farm as we ship to a number of retail sources throughout the Pacific Northwest.

For wholesale quantities we frequently begin to get orders for fall/winter shipping by late summer. Usually we cannot firmly confirm availabilities until we dig, which begins in late October and frequently extends past Christmas. Contact us, for prices, availability, and assistance with variety selection.

For retail sales, we keep plants available all year long. Our prices are pretty competitive. Best to call ahead to assure that we are available to service you.


Normal sizes available are
    1 gallon, plant size @ approx 12" - 18"
    3 gallon, plant size @ approx 20" - 30"
    B&B, root ball approx 12" -14", plant size approx 24" - 48"

The plant size of the various varieties are not all the same size at maturity. Those variations begin to show at early age; even as small as 1 gal plants.

We grow and offer about 20 varieties. Ripening seasons from early July (Weymouth, Earliblue, Collins, & Duke) thru mid season (Bluecrop, Olympia, Hardiblue, & several others) thru late season (Dixie, Rubel, Jersey, Legacy & others) into September or later. Fruit sizes from small (Rubel & Rancocas) to really large (Toro & Chandler).

Our 'catalog' is offered in single topics of particular interest. E-mailable from


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